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The pandemic and weight gain

One of the many annoying things about the pandemic has been weight gain for many.  Whilst some around you have managed to ( or perhaps just appeared to have ) introduce health habits such as giving up smoking or getting a daily exercise routine together there are still plenty of us who have escaped to Netflix with a large pack of chocolate biscuits.  So why is this ? Many find comfort in this and there are numerous reasons why your mind allows you to do this.  It is part of your brain chemistry to seek comfort particularly at a stressful time . It is not mindful eating though and to eat mindfully you can often lose weight without trying . In fact it can seem effortless. One of the interesting courses I studied during the first lock down was mindset hypnotherapy for weight loss and myself and fellow students were surprised that we all lost weight and changed out attitude to food without any real effort. It works on the principle

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