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My partner, like many others during this past year, had been experiencing bouts of heightened anxiety. Carolyn has been amazing. After the first session of hypnotherapy with her, he seemed far more relaxed and happier. He's now had further sessions with Carolyn and the anxiety hasn't returned. I can't recommend Carolyn highly enough.

J - Berkshire

My partner first put me in contact with Carolyn after I had been experiencing bad nausea in the mornings.

I was nervous about the session as I had never tried hypnotherapy before and was unsure how it would work over zoom. Upon "meeting" Carolyn on our first session, all nerves were gone.

Having the session in my own home worked really well as I was comfortable and Carolyn explained how the sessions would work and what different techniques we might try.

In these sessions we spoke about what my experiences were and how I could learn techniques to help manage them.

These techniques have been really useful in my day to day life. I think that the best thing that may have come from these sessions is the fact my partner has told me there has been a noticeable change in myself; something that I can agree on.

I am looking forward to my next session with Carolyn and would recommend her with very high regards.

L - Berkshire

I have suffered from severe bruxism (excessive teeth grinding both day and night) for as long as I can remember and having tried physiotherapy and a mouth guard, nothing has got to the fundamental issue on why I grind my teeth in the first place. Being skeptical at first, Carolyn introduced me to hypnotherapy in a calm and professional manner that immediately put me at ease. After just one relaxing 30 minute session I was starting to see results with what can only be described as a natural mental block every time I wanted to grind my teeth. Thanks to her session, I'm able to stop myself from grinding and my jaw is now more relaxed than ever saving me the expense of replacing my teeth. To anyone who suffers long-term issues I would recommend giving hypnotherapy and Carolyn a try. It works.

M - Surrey

Carolyn is a gently spoken, really knowledgeable and kind lady.  My daughter and I have had hypnotherapy sessions before so I feel I can say that Carolyn totally came across as an experienced and professional hypnotherapist.  Her approach in dealing with my 13 year old son was perfect and put him immediately at ease.  The breathing technique that she taught ___ was new to me as well as ____  and I am adopting it; I really like it.  

Carolyn’s holistic approach was so perfect - the suggestion that we should move a double bed into my son’s bedroom and swap out his single bed was absolutely brilliant.   My son has slept in my bed since December 2018 - due to domestic abuse and my husband’s alcoholism - for the last 10 days he has slept in his own bed.

I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone for her hypnotherapy skills and knowledge

H - Surrey

I've had a very pleasant experience working with Carolyn helping me with giving up smoking, 
She has a very calming and caring voice when settling me in for my session, 
I never thought hypnotherapy would have been such a good experience but its having a very special effect in my efforts to kick the habit for good. 
I have tried going to group classes with others in the past, but I find the one to one therapy much more motivational for what I want, and I thank Carolyn for her devotion and motivation in helping me stop smoking.

T - Surrey

Having had issues with falling asleep since childhood and now being in my mid-forties, I have tried pretty much everything except from sleep clinics. I even tried a hypnotherapy recording but after a while it stopped working. After only one session with Carolyn, she managed to get to the depth of my issues with falling asleep. She dissected my thought patterns and isolated my fearful attitude of going to sleep. She did so in a trusting, calming and soothing way that made me open up. Last night after only one session I slept deeper and better than I've had in years. I am now looking forward to going to sleep and not fighting it as I've done most of my life.

W - Surrey

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